When you are a busy woman, running a company, traveling regularly, overseeing your badass life like the powerhouse that you are... "Putting yourself out there" can feel like a waste of time because the current dating scene feels like a lost cause.


When you look out at who you’re meeting, does it feel rare to meet men “on your level”?

Maybe you find that you’re just not attracted to that many men you come across because of it.

You really want to use the apps, and honestly you don’t have time to waste swiping just to end up with an inbox of pen pals who don’t take action anyway.

And what else is there these days?

Trying to get picked up by gents at a bar? I don’t think so!

So, you put it out of your mind for later, and get back to your meeting with your EA about what’s next this month.

And your life IS friggin’ amazing.

You’re not sitting around twiddling your thumbs pining desperately after a man.

You’re not that kind of woman.

You’re kicking ass and taking names!

In fact, your biz just had it’s biggest cash month YET!

So you pull out your phone and you text your best friend and she sends you a Beyonce gif and you treat yourself to a little shopping spree on Amazon.


Let me ask you this though...

What if there was ALSO an incredible, impressive man in your life?

A man you could share your epic win with who texts you back something like…

“I’m taking you out to celebrate! Saturday night. Be ready by 6 and wear that black number you look so stunning in!”

He happens to be traveling for business right now but the next day flowers are delivered and the card reads...

“I love seeing you slay!
Can’t wait to spoil you Saturday.
I love you.”

Wouldn’t that be a little more fun than “being great at being single”?

How would it feel to have an impressive, high-integrity, romantic, attractive, strong man adore and admire you and be all-in on sharing life with you?

You totally “do single well”, but is that what you REALLY want?

Your business is your most convenient and rewarding place to hide when you don’t like the results in your love life.

Avoiding dating is easy when you’re successful because you have so much to do and all your entrepreneur friends “get it”.

Everyone around you thinks you're killing it, because you are!

And yet, there are still those existential moments when you’re home alone at night wondering why he isn’t here yet. Why you don’t have the person you want to share your amazing life with by your side.

I see a woman who would become even MORE expressed, even MORE fulfilled, even MORE enlivened if she gave herself permission to put some impactful time and attention on an area of life that doesn’t actually look the way she wants it to.

If you are a powerhouse woman, you can’t date like everyone else.

And you can’t avoid it altogether either.

You need a fun, exciting, romantic approach that gets real results and makes you feel like the catch you are.

And that is exactly what I’m to help you do.

This left me feeling discouraged, as if there was something wrong with me, and honestly, late at night after a super hard day or a really big win, I would feel a deep, existential loneliness. Not always, but when it hit, it hurt. I was disappointed with dating, felt let down by men, thought there were no good men out there, and felt resolved to the fact than maybe I was going to be single for the rest of my life. I couldn’t help but wonder “What’s wrong with me?”… Because if there was nothing wrong with me, why didn’t good men seem to want me?

Can you relate to any of that?

Have you ever felt frustrated with a lack of attractive, high caliber men in the dating pool? How about by men who aren't direct and don’t take action to pursue? Or does it seem like they are intimidated by your money, confidence, or success? Or maybe you’ve had friends and family tell you that your standards are “too high”, that you’re too picky, and that what you want is a fairytale? I mean who could keep up with you anyway?

If you’ve felt any of this, you’re not alone…

Your standards are NOT too high. There are lot’s of great men who will celebrate your success and think it’s sexy instead of feeling threatened by it. You’re not destined to be alone and it doesn’t have to be as hard or dull as it has been…

But most importantly, there’s nothing wrong with you…

I still remember the feeling like I was “losing out” on memories all those times I didn’t have MY “plus one” to my friends’ weddings or to special events… I remember the annoyance I felt when people would ask “how are YOU still single?”… and I remember the pain of going to bed alone at night and simply wondering if this was really it for me.  

Does any of this sound familiar?

Despite having a great life I was over doing it alone. Yes. I had an extraordinary life. But you know what is better? Sharing that extraordinary life!

I was tired of the status quo and knew something had to change. I was tired of dating feeling pointless, men not taking action, and of all the chatter in my head telling me there was something wrong with me or that I was “no good at this dating thing.”

I made the decision to invest in support and mentorship from some of the best in the dating and intimacy industry. I invested a ton of money, time, and energy to work with people like Tony Robbins, the world's leading transformation “guru”; David Deida, best-selling author of “The Way Of The Superior Man”; Londin Angel Winters & Justin Patrick Pierce, authors of “The Awakened Woman’s Guide To Everlasting Love”; John Wineland, a leader in the intimacy and relationship space; and Alison Armstrong, bestselling author of The Queen’s Code.

After doing all this work and starting to show up in a different way it actually happened. I was being approached by powerful men I found attractive, and then I met a man who is so much better than my wildest dreams he made my original dream relationship look boring! No joke, that’s how amazing he is.

I’m now in an amazing partnership. We’re traveling around the world together, supporting each other in our growth and expansion and I am living the life and relationship I’ve always wanted…

It’s all because I made the decision to have it, I invested in getting support on the journey, and I took the actions necessary to create it…

And I’d like to invite you to create similar results for yourself so that you can create the relationship you want and deserve.


  1. Who know you are the whole package but are still single despite how ready you feel to be with your person.

  2. You feel like you’ve been “doing everything right” but he still hasn’t arrived and you’re not sure why.

  3. You don’t want dating to feel like a drag, you love Love, and while you don’t NEED a man, you would LOVE to share your extraordinary life with one!

  4. You have been told you are “too picky” or that your standards or “too high” but you refuse to settle and you want to know that what you really want is truly possible. That is isn’t just a fairytale we’re sold in the movies!

  5. You’re clear that what everybody else is doing, or that avoiding it all together, isn’t working and you are ready to try something that works! You’re the kind of action taker who says things like, “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it!”
  6. You are clear that you would like for this to happen THIS YEAR. You’ve already waited longer than you would have liked and honestly you’re over it. You’re over planning trips on your own and enjoying romantic sunsets from your hotel balcony alone. You’re ready to share your life with someone wonderful.
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So What's Included...

What Exactly Do You Get When You Join?

  • 6 Online Training Modules ($4997 value)
  • So that you get all the tools, information, and frameworks you need to be successful while dating.

  • 6 Live Q&A Calls ($2997 value)
  • So that you can get 1:1 support in a group setting for how to apply and integrate what you’re learning so that you can optimize your chances for success!

  • Private Facebook Community (value $2997 value)
  • So that you have “on call” support at your fingertips 24/7 when something goes wonky on a date or you receive a text that you don’t quite know how to respond to. It’s like having a clan of powerhouse wingwoman in your back pocket whenever you need!

  • Bonus: Online Dating Masterclass ($497)
  • How to create the perfect profile that stands out to the kind of person you’ve been wanting to find and an authentic messaging strategy that helps you cut through the small talk and connect honestly and deeply with high quality men.

  • Bonus: Ticket to W&P Live Event (value $1997 value)
  • In person events are magical. Not only will you get to meet the other women in the program who are coming from all over the world, but immersions are where you can create the biggest transformation in the shortest amount of time. Dates TBD in 2021 (obviously!).

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Here’s what you’ll discover, experience, and create from the

6 training calls and live Q&A’s…



Have you had negative dating experiences in the past?

Have you ever been let down by a man… or many of them?

Perhaps you’ve felt like there’s something wrong with you because you’re still single and there don’t seem to be any good men out there…

The fact is when it comes to relationships you’ve most likely been dealt a shitty deck. You’ve been given an entire tool shed full of equipment (strategies, attitudes, and beliefs) that are ill-suited to helping you attract the kind of man or relationship you really want. You’ve inherited all of these from your family, friends, the media, society, the Patriarchy, and dysfunctional fairy tales… and they are all handicapping and sabotaging your ability to actually have the relationship you want!

  • Discover the neuroscience behind why you’ve repeated destructive or discouraging patterns in love that you don’t like and how to completely release them for good. 
  • Identify the personal beliefs, habits and patterns that keep you stuck where you’re at in your love life and how to shift them forever.
  • Completely change your relationship to dating, love and intimacy so that you can feel inspired and enlivened instead of drained and discouraged. 


Are you ready to move past the stories of there being “no good guys out there”, something being “wrong with you”, and “dating doesn’t work”?

Are you tired of the status quo in dating… the dating apps, the unhelpful advice from well meaning friends, or avoiding it all together and spending another evening with three episodes of a Netflix series because it just isn’t happening?

If you are, I get it. Dating can be a DRAG! Again, we were never taught how to date, communicate effectively or how to easily build high quality relationships. And where most relationship programs fail is that they focus on tactics for assessing a guy’s investment level or trying to perform a version of femininity that simply may not be authentic to you. These just give you more things to keep track of and think about instead of being authentic, present in the moment, and getting to have fun. Here we don’t employ “tactics”, we don’t put on a show of prescribed “femininity”, and it’s truly about being more fully you.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • How to approach dating in new, fun and refreshing unconventional ways so that you don’t have to endure the drudgery of dating apps ever again! Yuk!
  • A proven structure that addresses social conditioning, relational trauma, and neuroscience to adjust your mindset and emotional agility so that you can be more grounded, authentic, and at ease in your dating life all while having FUN!
  • A new awareness for how to show up in your daily life as the vibrational match for you man so that no matter where you go, great men will notice and be drawn to you effortlessly.


Have you ever felt insecure in your connection with a man? Maybe you think you have an anxious attachment style.
One day you feel deeply connected and the next you’re wondering where the spark went? 
Maybe you fall hard only to have connections fizzle and you’re left wondering what happened.

Just like Love Languages, there are dynamics at play in every relationship you have. If you are unaware of them and how they work, you are powerless to create the kind of intimacy you want. But once you know what they are, you can LEARN to create and sustain the caliber of connection that you want.

In this training module you’ll discover:

  • The secret language of intimacy that you must understand if you want a passionate partnership that lasts and grows.
  • The art and science of chemistry so that you can “do less” but be attracting more. No more guessing, wondering what he is thinking, what he meant, etc.
  • How to call in the kind of man who fully sees you and loves you for who you are.  


Have you ever bit your tongue in a partnership? Not said what you were feeling because you felt like you had to tip toe around the other person’s feelings.

How many times in the past have you ignored the “red-flags” in the hopes that things might change?

Communication - or the inability to do so - is the biggest factor in whether or not a relationship is successful. Without it, what do you have?

That said, most people have had challenging experiences in relationships that have inadvertently conditioned them away from the exact kind of communication required to create the depth of partnership they want.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • Ways of communicating directly with integrity that inspires the same from others so that you’re not playing games, aren't left confused or uncertain, and can create a high level of integrity and trust in your dating and relationships.
  • How to own your personal power and direct your energy and focus towards creating what you want and not get sucked into the disempowering stories and beliefs that can sidetrack your success.
  • Strategies for creating a standard of communication that is magnetic to high caliber men and that sets the stage for courageous communication over the long term.


Have you wondered where a man would even fit into your busy life?
Or worried about having to sacrifice some of your hard won freedom?

Do you ever worry about losing yourself in dating or your next relationship… perhaps you experienced a codependent relationship in the past and you don’t want to do that again?

Have you ever promised yourself “I will never lose myself in a relationship ever again”?

The biggest collateral damage that comes from a painful relationship history is self-trust. When we haven’t taken care of ourselves in the past or honored our boundaries this negatively impacts our future experiences.
The stand you take for your own sovereignty and freedom will powerfully attract the kind of man who wants to be with a powerhouse woman like you.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to rebuild self-trust by forgiving yourself for the past, and creating new empowered practices for moving forward.
  • Ways to create an interdependent (not codependent) relationships that enrich and amplify your experience of life.
  • How to create, honor, and share your boundaries before they are violated in a way that creates greater safety and deeper trust between you and your man.
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The next “Wooed & Pursued” begins on Tuesday, October 27th 2020.

We kick off Tuesday October 27th, 2020 with the first module and the first Q&A call will be the following week. Each week you will either have a new module or a Q&A call.


If you are unable to attend any or all of the live training calls they are each recorded and uploaded to the private membership area within 24 hours (usually much faster) and then you can ask your specific questions inside the private forum and get support there.



What would it be worth for you to end your dating “dry spell” forever and finally create the relationship you’ve been longing for? 

Imagine being actively wooed and pursued by the caliber of man you feel not only met by but impressed by…

Imagine being with a man who seems like he might just adore you for how intelligent, big, and bold you are…

And imagine being in an extraordinary relationship, the kind you’ve always wanted - enjoying trips together, co-creating a home together, dreaming about your family together, reading next to each other in bed, attending events by each others’ sides, planning your own wedding, and sharing your beautiful life with the man whose absence you currently feel.

This is exactly what we’ll be working on creating together in the program through the proven processes, weekly exercises, and high level of support so that you don’t have to wait around any longer.

I invested over $250,000 into education, training, and support to create these results and my one-on-one private clients invest over $35,000 a year to work with me and get access to this information. 

And I’m not going to lie to you. This is not for everyone. This is for women who understand that to create excellence in ANY area of life requires an investment of time, money, AND energy.

You don’t get impeccable health without hiring a trainer, researching nutrition protocols, or buying a gym membership…

You don’t create immense wealth without hiring financial advisors, researching which experts to trust, or spending money in order to grow it…

Creating the caliber of relationship you truly want is no different.

Just like your business, your relationship deserves and will require you to show up fully and that means sealing the deal on your commitment with all three investments - time, money, AND energy.

If I told you that you could invest $20,000 and make $100,000, would you do it?

If I told you that you could invest a fraction of that in order to create the relationship of you truly want, would it be worth it?

So if you're truly ready for an epic relationship with a man who meets you at your level and then some, then click the link below to review investment details and fill out your application and book a call!

You’ll be glad you did!

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When you join me and fully participate in the “Wooed & Pursued” training program it comes with my 100% “No Woman Left Behind” guarantee. 

I promise that when you join me for this training you’ll get the support you need to release and reframe your experiences from the past and create a new love story that truly inspires you. You’ll let go of old baggage, increase your trust in yourself, gain clarity on what you truly desire (uninformed by others) and have the tools to actively create it. I believe in this program and in the training and support I’m able to provide. I know that I can help you create the epic love and intimate relationship you so deeply desire and I back it up 100%. When you join the training program and actively participate, attend the calls, do the homework, and put in the effort, if at the end of the program you still feel stuck or you haven’t yet seen a significant shift in your experience of dating and relationship I will support you until you do. Simply reach out to me privately in the private forum and we’ll connect to get you set up and moving forward creating your future from a place of excitement and possibility instead of dread or obligation.

I’m taking a risk offering this but I know that when you show up and fully participate in the program you’re entire love life is going to change. Now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be in the epic relationship with your Soul King at the end of 6 weeks but you will be on an entirely new trajectory towards attracting and creating that kind of relationship, and if you don’t feel you are then I’ll support you until you do. I know you’re going to be blown away by the value and support your receive in this training and more than satisfied with the result and new outlook and experience of dating and relationship.

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So, are you ready to enroll, or do you have questions?


My team and I are happy to answer any questions you have about the 12-week program, the private online community, or the bonuses. My goal is to support you to transform your experience of men, dating, and relationships and learn the skills, tools, and beliefs necessary to actively and consciously create the extraordinary love story you have been yearning for. I plan to make the “Wooed & Pursued” program an experience that transforms your life and relationships forever and a journey you will never forget. Simply email me at Theora (@) TrulyChosen.com with any questions and we’ll be happy to support in any way we can.


If you’re a successful, single woman who is living an extraordinary life but love feels like the last missing piece, and you’re ready to be wooed and pursued by men who feel on your level, then take action now and register for this training. 

When you complete the program you’ll have an entirely new and exciting outlook on men, dating, and relationships. You’ll have new beliefs and ways of being that will support you to live in alignment with what you want and take the actions necessary to create it. You’ll have crystal clarity on your true desires, the tools for living in your power and unapologetically expressing yourself and a growing trust and confidence in yourself. Who you were and the challenges you experienced at the beginning of the program will be worlds apart from where you end up after 12 weeks. At the end of the program you’ll be on an entirely new trajectory towards creating the epic relationship you truly desire and having that journey be fun, exciting and inspiring, instead of filled with dread, disappointment, and despair. 

Space is limited in the program and we get started on October 27th so grab your discounted seat in the program and over $14k of bonuses now while they’re still available and join me in the “Wooed & Pursued” 12-week training to end dating disappointment and attract a remarkable man and partner who inspires and excites you.



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